We wish to draw your attention to this letter (please click on the link at the bottom of this page) that a parent has received from Miriam Home and Services (Rehabilitation Centre for Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders), which is part of the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. It announces a “revised service offer” with regards to day programs and community integration services for adults with ASD and/or intellectual delay, including those with severe behavioral disorders, living in the residential integration services of Miriam Home and Services. In concrete terms, this means a cut to the services offered to those living in their residential resources.

Autisme Montréal is deeply shocked by this announcement and turn of events. When the CIUSSSes were created, Minister Barrette, Minister Charlebois and all their cabinet assured us that there would not be any cuts in services for users. However, this letter clearly indicates the contrary. We consider that several aspects of this letter are completely absurd and in complete contradiction with the well-being and basic needs of an individual with a diagnosis of autism.

With this announcement, Miriam Home and Services is going against the very foundation of the Plan d’action sur le trouble du spectre de l’autisme, which was announced by Minister Charlebois in March 2017 and is supposed to place the needs of autistic individuals and their families at the centre of their concerns.

This decision is also contrary to what is mentioned in the Cadre de référence pour l’organisation des services en DP-DI-TSA of the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, which states that “physical disability, intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder programs and services are intended to support people with disabilities in their social participation”. If those people are confined at home, it is clear that it will not help them develop their social participation. Quite the contrary!

In a context of standardization of services, remain vigilant with regards to what is happening in your region. We are asking you to denounce this decision by contacting your MNA, wherever you live ( You may also contact the users’ committee of your CRDITED/CIUSSS. Who knows how many other cards this government has up its sleeve!

Lettre Centre Miriam

Communiqué de presse CRADI et Mouvement PHAS


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