A Word from the President, Spring 2009

A Word From The President, from L’Image, Fall 2009

(Continued from Image/Spring 2009, Vol. 18, No 2)

Vaccines and autism

For a long time, I naively thought that governments set up procedures and surveillance or vigilance teams with regards to pollution, water and soil contamination, toxic products, medications and their side effects, etc.  I thought that specialists analyzed, verified, controlled and investigated in order to protect the population. Provincial and federal governments have set up specific organizations and adopted laws.  Therefore, the basic idea is there, but the reality is quite different and the results frustrating.  When we meet those specialists, we realize that they are far from the people, influenced by big companies ($) and overwhelmed by the whole situation.  Bureaucracy then takes control.  Vaccination is an integral part of all this and it is quite difficult nowadays to understand who is controlling this machine.

Let’s talk about the immune system, which is both complex and still not very well known.  It is the defense system of our body and we can compare it to an army defending it against aggressors and invaders.  When invaders enter our body, the army sends a patrol to stop and control them.  The patrol is what we call the antibodies.  This is a simple explanation, but it is a good representation of the reality.  These invaders come from everywhere:  the air we breathe, the water which can be contaminated, food contaminated by pesticides, cleaners, etc.  There can also be viruses, bacteria, metals, etc.  When we say that environmental factors are the cause of autism, we can include all these elements and we can also say that vaccines represent strong aggressors.  Everyday, our body faces multiple aggressions and the immune system must react and act to manage all this.  We can only imagine the number of “patrols” needed everyday!  If the immune system is weaker or too much solicited, because of a virus, it can become dysfunctional:  it then starts to produce immature antibodies that are identified as new invaders afterwards.  This phenomenon is the cause of autoimmune diseases and other diseases.  The army has lost control of the situation.

Therefore, the vaccination protocol proposed by the Public Health represents important and repeated aggressions.  A two-month old baby receives between eight and 10 viruses and bacteria at a time, as well as preservatives and all that without knowing if his immune system is ready to face these aggressions.

Just think about the number of patrols deployed all at the same time. We understand the reasons for vaccination.  The goal is to obtain a provoked immunity. We wish to trick viruses and bacteria by putting the necessary antibodies in the baby’s body and that, before he is even in contact with the disease.  This provoked immunity is not permanent, which explains why recalls are needed.  However, is it wise and ethical to vaccinate without knowing if the child’s immune system is functioning properly? Pretending that vaccination will strengthen the immune system is not logical:  it is rather the contrary.

Furthermore, we have to take an interest in viruses and bacteria.  Those are living organisms which have survived all worldwide disasters, wars, temperature changes, etc.  They live and want to take possession of their host, the human body or an animal.  They have the ability to mutate, in order to elude the immune system.  We must think about this possibility and ask ourselves if their eventual mutation will be the cause of new diseases.  The best example to illustrate this is zona, a virus which has mutated from varicella. It is quite scary to think about a weakened immune system and viruses which are mutating.

What can we do?

  • To be able to think clearly and make the right decision, we need to obtain information.  There are several books, documents and information organizations regarding vaccination, such as

At ATEDM, we have several books and documents available.

  • Prepare a file on the medical history of your family.  History of autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies and even eczema and mental illness can reveal that genetically, there is a weakness of the immune system.
  • As long as you are breastfeeding, your baby is protected because of your own antibodies.
  • Since there are no analyses to verify the functioning of the immune system, we must be careful.  DAN! doctors are making the following recommendations:
    • Wait at least one year to allow the child’s immune system to gain strength.  During that year, you will be able to see how he reacts with regards to viruses, teething and food introduction.
    • Reduce all other forms of aggression:  no food treated with pesticides, no cow’s milk or dairy products which can also be harmful.  The calf possesses the necessary enzymes to digest cow’s milk, not the human baby.  No genetically modified organisms. What we eat is important, because it can be the cause of a constant attack of our immune system.  Remember to be careful about water, cleaners and electromagnetic pollution (computer, television, etc.).  Make your environment safer.  There are also Internet sites and organizations which are doing some incredible work on the subject.
    • Opt for one vaccine at a time and demand the ones without thimerosal (mercury).  Wait a few months before the next vaccine to allow the child’s body to be able to defend itself.
    • With regards to recall injections, before accepting them, you can ask for a verification of the antibody rates for measles, rubella, etc., for example, so that vaccines are not administered unnecessarily. Your pediatrician might not be too happy about that, but this will help you find out if your child really needs a recall injection.
    • In Quebec, presently, babies who are only one day old receive a vaccine against hepatitis B specifically when their parents are immigrants or from ethnic communities.  This is completely insane.  They say that those people are more at risk.  At risk of what?  Hepatitis B can be contracted via sexual relations.  Newborn babies undergo many adaptive changes, so the injection of a virus is not appropriate at that time.
  • Before and after vaccination, you can give your child a specific homeopathic medication, which can offer some protection.  You can get information about this from a homeopath or someone working in a natural products store.

Vaccination is not compulsory by law.  It is recommended, but not mandatory.   Because of what I have mentioned  previously, we can say that parents are under a lot of pressure.  The pediatrician can refuse to treat your child if you do not follow the rules.  People can threaten you or say that you are bad parents, because you are putting the life of your child in danger.  Medically, this subject causes a lot of emotions.  This is why you must be well-informed and decide which strategies and planning are best for you with regards to vaccination.  If you cannot register your child in a day-care centre or receive some services because your child has not been vaccinated, this is discrimination, as it is not mandatory by law.

Just remember that children cannot militate and defend themselves.   Their parents must do that for them.  Through the years, I have learned that governments will not change because of the pressure or lobbying of a few people.  The power belongs to the people, namely each of us.    Therefore, it starts with us.  We should not think that other people will do things for us, but accept that we have to change them ourselves and fight for our children.

Carmen Lahaie

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