Become a Member

Become a Member

Your membership with us will be much more valuable than the simple question of a membership fee.

Being a member means:

  • Adhering to our cause: advocacy of the autistic person’s right and interests and those of their families
  • Demonstrating, by the quantity of our members, the importance of the requests for services and support for the children, teenagers and adults with autism/PDD as well as their families;
  • Assisting, by your support, those who defend the cause of autism/PDD;
  • Contributing to the organization of specific services for our clientele;
    Providing respite to the families of persons with autism/PDD;
  • On a more concrete level, it is:
  • Receiving “L’Image”, Autisme Montréal’s scientific newsletter which covers the different behavioral methods and medical treatments (bi-annual publication);
  • Receiving the “What’s New… TEDDI?” newsletter, which includes information on the direct services offered by Autisme Montréal (bi-annual publication);
  • Being the first informed of the various direct services offered by Autisme Montréal (day camps, respite, swimming lessons, etc.);
  • Being the first informed of the workshops, conferences and the international medical conference organized by Autisme Montréal;
  • Receiving “L’Express” the Quebec Federation for Autism and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders (FQATED) newsletter.

If you wish to receive direct services from Autisme Montréal’s services, you must now be a member of the association. The price for one year of membership is 30$. Your membership also helps us when we are lobbying the public instituations by showing the number of people affected by autism and who believe in the work done by Autisme Montréal.

In summary, membership with us means joining a larger family who believes in the well-being of persons with autism and their families.

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