Become a Member

Become a Member

Your membership with us will be much more valuable than the simple question of a membership fee.


  • Adhering to our cause : advocating for the rights and interests of individuals with ASD and their families;
  • Having a united voice supporting our advocacy initiatives;
  • Participating in our gatherings, protests and advocacy events;
  • Participating in our assemblies and becoming involved in our committees and board;
  • Demonstrating the importance of accessing services that meet the needs of individuals with ASD and their families.


  • Electronic monthly newsletter, as well as access to the FQA’s newsletter l’EXPRESS (located at our office);
  •  Shadowing – babysitting service;
  •  Week-end respite service at «La Maisonnette»;
  • Residential camps during the Christmas period as well as day camp during spring break;
  • Summer day camps (3 à 24 years old);
  • Swimming classes.
  • Documentation Centre;
  • Conferences and information sessions;
  • Listening and support service;
  • Support group and activities for individuals with ASD, without intellectual delay;
  • Support group for parents of individuals with ASD, without intellectual delay;

If you wish to receive direct services from Autisme Montréal’s services, you must now be a member of the association. The price for one year of membership is 30$. Your membership also helps us when we are lobbying the public instituations by showing the number of people affected by autism and who believe in the work done by Autisme Montréal.

User member: Anyone with autism spectrum disorder, any extended family member, and
any student= 30$;
Support member: Any professional and any individual who wishes to support the actions of
the corporation= 55$;
Corporate member: Any corporation, any association or other groupe that wishes to support the actions of the Corporation and demonstrates an interest in autism spectrum disorders= 125$.

In summary, membership with us means joining a larger family who believes in the well-being of persons with autism and their families.

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