Weekend Respite

Weekend Respite

Pub Maisonnette 2017

The Maisonnette

Every weekend from September to June, Autisme Montreal’s respite home welcomes individuals with ASD.

Experience living in a group within a structured setting
Expand the range of interests and activities of participants
Enable participants to socialize while ensuring their wellbeing
Provide parents with a secure and educational childcare setting
Offer respite to families to enable them to rest and recharge their energy
Learn to have fun through play
Work on daily living skills through pleasure and interaction while developing autonomy
Support individuals in learning skills

Modification of the Service Offer of Weekend Respites

Following a survey conducted among our members and review from our Board of Directors, the administrators have decided to modify the respite service offer. Therefore, please note that as of next fall, the weekend respites will start towards the end of September and will be offered as 2-day weekends throughout the year.

Fall 2019 calendar

Winter 2020 calendar

How it works 

Number of children per weekend: 6 – 7

Ratio: 1 shadow for 1 child or 1 shadow for 2 children (as needed).

Age: All ages are welcome according to the pre-determined age group for each week-end. 

Schedule: As of Friday evening 7:00 PM (after dinner) until Sunday afternoon *4:00 PM  (before dinner). 

* It is important to note that a fee of $ 15 per hour will be charged if you drop your child on Fridays before 7:00 pm or if you come get him after 4:00 pm on Sundays.

Transportation: Parents provide transportation or make arrangements with paratransit. 

Current Fees :

  • $ 275, regular respite (two days)

 Checks must be made out to Autisme Montreal. A receipt will be sent following the respite service.

In case of cancellation : You must notify us at least 72 hours before the respite service starts should  your child not be able to attend on the reserved weekend. Otherwise penalties of $30 will be charged.

Regarding the registration for the Maisonnette week-ends for the Fall 2019 season. The procedure goes from here, you must from November 1st, 2019 at 8:30 send an email to our Responsable of Direct Services, Valérie St-Pierre, the following address: vstpierre@autisme-montreal.com or leave a message on the voicemail at extension 3182 with the following informations:

  • Your name;
  • The name of your child 
  • The week end you wish to offer during the Autumn 2019 season in priority order.

You will find the list of available above on  Autumn 2019 document.

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Thank you to Opération Enfant Soleil who, through the Josée Lavigeur Fund, supported our adapted games project for our respite home.

If you are looking for more respite services, visit https://www.portailrepit.com/en/home

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