Outside conferences and events

Outside conferences and events

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Blog on Asperger syndrome

Here is a blog presenting a different text every week on certain aspects of the Asperger syndrome and autism.

Aspies Forum 

Finally a forum for people with Asperger Quebec. This site, created by a person itself Asperger includes a myriad of different topics of discussion.



ABILI-T Program 

We are proud to introduce ABILI-T, our centre-based programme, which opened its doors in May 2011. This early intensive behavioural intervention programme is based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). 

ABILI-T provides bilingual, subsidized, evidence-based services to children ages 18 months to 6 years with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), suspected ASDs, and other developmental disabilities.  

The child to therapist ratio is 1:1.  Empirically sound practices guide each step, from assessment to service delivery, and programmes are individualised to better meet the needs of both the child and their family. Services are provided in our new, specially adapted centre located in Montreal, as well as in home and community-based settings.  

The ABILI-T programme is supervised by Dr Nathalie Garcin, a Clinical Psychologist along with two master’s level board-certified behaviour analysts, Alexandra Dussault and Alexandra Rothstein-Small, and is delivered by therapists trained in ABA.

To reach us :  info@goldlearningcentre.com

Phone :  ABILI-T 514-345-8330

Website :  www.goldlearningcentre.com in the “programs” section

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