À l’Emploi! project participants.

Here are two personal accounts of people who participated in the À l’Emploi! project:

Friday, June 1, 2007

Dear readers,

I was doing a work internship since February 1, 2005.  It kept my mind busy, and I liked being around people who are competent in their line of work. It allowed me to develop my own set of skills and acquire new knowledge about the job market.

I now hold a clerk position.  I mainly work in the archive department, but I also help other people who have too much work. When I finally got my job position, I felt good because I did not suffer anymore from the insecurities associated with my adult responsibilities. I feel I am more independent financially. I succeeded in developing my social skills and I can now initiate contacts with people and develop friendships.

My supervisor still gives me a great deal of support and advice. She counsels me on how to work on my interpersonal attitudes. She was right by my side in my quest to obtain my clerk position.

As an individual, I have my strengths and weaknesses and I therefore appreciate the support I received to integrate the job market.

Kind regards,

Geneviève Houle



I’m Nicolas Hébert. I would like to tell you about my socialisation experience with my peers and work colleagues. I began working at Future Shop on January 1. I was initially very shy, in my own world, and didn’t speak to anyone. However, I have since changed my ways to not be alone. I started talking with one of the sales associates in the “Mobile Audio” department because I know the products very well and wanted to know more. I then moved on and got to know the sales associates. 

Nicolas Hébert


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