A new life at work

A new life at work

Member of the first cohort of the À l’emploi! project, created to help individuals with ASD (without intellectual delay) integrate into, as well as maintain their employment, Nicolas Hébert has been working for Hypertec, a company specialized in solutions for information technologies, since September 2007.

His supervisor, Patrick Cortbaoui, Production Director at Ciara Technologies, says that “this job led to a radical change in the life of Nicolas”.  He also adds that it represented “a complete change of direction for him”.  “Today, Nicolas has found his reason for living, he regained his self-esteem and pride and I am also proud of him”.

First working at unpacking components, then subassembly, now Nicolas mostly works at assembling components and he says he likes his job.  What he prefers about it is the sense of camaraderie: “I like how the team has been built; they all have their own strengths and weaknesses and are all willing to help others”.  The mobility he has in his job is also a key factor.  When he was working in the quality control sector at Efficience, he had to stay in front of a computer screen for long periods of time, an unpleasant situation for him.

Another advantage of the work structure at Hypertec, according to Nicolas, is the fact that the work teams are small:  “there are not a lot of people in every team and all are always available in case of need, even the supervisors”.

Nicolas is also satisfied about the way he was taken care of when he arrived at Hypertec:  someone was there to support him during the first month, which helped him to create bonds with an employee. However, these bonds were jeopardized when this employee lost his job.  “It was hard”, explains Nicolas, “we were part of the same work team and it is always easier to work with people we know”.   Finally, this employee was able to continue working for this company, but was offered a different job.

Computers and work are not the only reasons why Nicolas wants to go out.  He also loves meteorology and even has two weather stations at home.  “It is so difficult to predict the weather.  I prefer to work on current conditions”, explains Nicolas.  He says that this passion came from the fact that he used to sail when he was younger.  He was then able to notice that the weather could change very rapidly on the water.  This is how he became interested in meteorology.

For Nicolas, the most important part of his work is the fact that he can meet people and do something he likes.  “Before, I was not feeling ready to go work and now, it makes me go out of the house”, he says smiling.  Mission accomplished, then, for À l’emploi!

The interview with Nicolas Hébert took place on November 17.


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