Conference Abstracts

Conference summaries

Over the past 20 years Autisme Montreal has organized various conferences in order to provide information to the general public on areas of research, therapies/treatments and educational interventions in autism. As such, we are providing below the handouts that were distributed during conferences that took place between 2001 and 2009. Howerver the content of these presentations belong to the doctors, researchers, psychologsts or other professionals that presented their research. 

Should you have interest in the content of any of the presentations listed below, please seek to obtain more ‘up to date’ information on the evolution of research in the given area and to validate the pertinence for oneself.

Adolescence and Autism: Sexuality, Social Skills and Preparing for Supported Employment, by Mary E. Van Bourgondien and Michael Chapman

Asperger’s Syndrome: Self-Awareness and Development, by Catherine Faherty

Sex Education: Programs for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, by Dave Hingsburger

Challenging Behaviors: Prevention and Resolution via Visual Strategies, by Linda Hodgdon

A Generation is Being Lost and Regressive Autism, by F. Edward Yazbak

Employment: Towards Successful Transition and Integration, by Michael Chapman

Hyperbaric Therapy: A New Path? by Kenneth Stoller, Pierre Marois and Julie Buckley

Autism in Quebec: Medical Alternatives, by Carmen Lahaie, Andrew Levinson and Diane Munz

ABA and Medical: Complementary Approaches, by Elizabeth Mumper and Jonathan Tarbox

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