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Soirée Humour et Hypnose

  Mardhumour et Hypnosei 3 octobre 2017 à 18h30

This evening is back for a second year under the theme of hypnosis with no less than Stéphane Dumais, hypnotist and mentalist. The evening will once again be skillfully hosted by the humorist Mathieu Gratton, and he will be joined with other guest humorists. Be prepared to experience something out of the ordinary.

La Cenne 7755 Saint-Laurent Blvd, room 300

$ 50,00

Online tickets: https://lc.cx/cuZG

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Annual Conference 

CONFÉRENCE 2017_Page_1Friday october 27th  2017 at 9:00 am 

The development of autonomy for individuals with ASD without intellectual delay


The cost to attend this conference is

$25 for parents, autistic individuals and students and

$60 , for professionals.

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Mardi 21 novembre 2017 à 19h00

Information Session
ESTATE TRANSFER PLANNING (Concerning individuals with intellectual disabilities)
With Me Laurent Fréchette                                                                                                                

Free for members 

$10 for  non-members

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