International medical conferences on autism

International medical conferences on autism

From 2000 to 2003, Autisme Montréal organized yearly international medical conferences on the current research on the causes of autism, the medical issues related to autism, such as GI tract problems, and the different biomedical treatments used to heal some of those problems.

The parents and professionnals from Quebec finally had a chance to meet and ask questions to some of the most prominent researchers in the field of autism, who seem so unattainable most of the time.

You can consult all the abstracts of the presentations made during those 4 conferences.  We also have available at the documentation centre some of the powerpoints presented during these conferences.

Autism 2000: On the Verge of Medical Breakthroughs

pdfAndrew J. Wakefield, MD pdfElizabeth Birt pdfKarl Reichelt, MD, PhD pdfKenneth Bock, MD

pdfMary Megson, MD pdfSudhir Gupta, MD, PhD pdfWilliam Shaw, PhD

Autism 2001: Place for New Medical Discoveries

pdfAmy Holmes, MD pdfAndrew J. Wakefield, MD pdfBernard Rimland, PhD pdfF. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

pdfJeff Bradstreet, MD, FAAFP pdfKaroly Horvath, MD, PhD pdfKaryn Seroussi

Autism 2002: Mercury, Heavy Metals… Toxicity

pdfBoyd Haley, PhD pdfLisa Lewis, PhD pdfLothar Heinemann, MD pdfStephanie Cave, MD

pdfVijendra . Signh, PhD pdfWalter O. Spitzer, MD pdfWilliam Walsh, PhD pdfWoody McGinnis, MD

Autism 2003: Understand, Act and Heal

pdfArthur Krigsman, MD pdfDerrick Lonsdale, MB, BS, FAAP, FACN pdfJames Neubrander, MD pdfJerry Kartzinel, MD, ACOP

pdfMarvin Boris, MD pdfMaureen H. McDonnel, RN pdfPaul Shattock

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