Companion Cards

Companion Cards

The STM Personal Aide Transit Pass

To make your time on the bus and/or the metro easier with your child living with PDD, as well as reduce your transportation costs, you could get the STM Personal Aide Transit Pass for free.

The STM Personal Aide Transit Pass gives free access to the person who accompanies your child in the transit system.

Who can apply?

Any person over 6 with an intellectual or a visual impairment and whose functional limitations justify the need to be accompanied while using the regular public transit system, whether he or she experiences difficulties such as:

  • Disorientation in time;
  • Disorientation in place;
  • Related to personal safety.

How to apply?

Get in touch with your CLSC or CRDI to get the form, since these institutions will have to approve your demand and forward it to the STM. For more information. please contact theSociété de transport de Montréal (STM) at 514-280-8211 or visit

Note: Please note that customers of the Paratransit service do not have to fill out this application, their transit pass being accepted as a Personal Aide Transit Pass on the regular network. The reverse is however not true.

Leisure Companion Card LCC (Replaces TLCS)

The Leisure Companion Card (LCC) grants free admission to the Companion of a disabled person to leisure, cultural and tourist partner organizations. In this context, the Companion provides to the needs of the disabled person that could not be filled by the staff in place.

The disabled person pays the costs associated with their entry, but the LCC allows them to practice a leisure activity at no additional cost linked to the presence of their companion.

Do you own the The Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS)?

The Leisure Companion Card (LCC) now replaces the TLCS, a program that has been existing for more than 20 years. You must replace your TLCS by qualifying for the LCC as soon as possible at . You must keep your TLCS until you obtain your LCC.

What are the criteria to obtain the LCC?

– Being a person with a disability, that is, any person with a disability resulting in a significant and persistent disability and who is subject to encounter obstacles in the accomplishment of everyday activities:

– be 5 years old and over;

– Need the help of a companion when performing an activity of leisure, cultural or tourist activity for at least one of   following reasons:

  • Eat
  • Move
  • Communicate
  • Help with personal care
  • Orient yourself
  • Ensure the safe conduct of the activity

How to apply for the LCC?

There are two ways to apply, depending on your situation:

  • Are you eligible for any of the government programs, measures for people with disabilities, or have one of the recognized cards?

Fill out the simplified form and attach the proof requested and your photo.

  • You meet the criteria for LCC, but you are not eligible for any of the recognized programs, measures and cards?

Fill in the form with questionnaire. Make sure it is signed by a health and social services professional that will attest to the accuracy of the information provided and attach your photo.

For complete details on the programs, measures and cards recognized for LCC eligibility and to complete the appropriate form, go to  or call 1 833 693-2253.

We would like to remind you that current holders of the Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS) have until October 2020 to replace their TLCS for the LCC.

Quebec Intercity Bus Transport Accompaniment Card

The Quebec Intercity Bus Transport Accompaniment Card is provided by the Association des propriétaires d’autobus du Québec (APAQ) and its members. This card is intended for all disabled persons who need accompaniment when travelling between cities. It entitles them to free transportation for the accompanying person throughout the Quebec intercity bus network, without additional costs or complicated procedures.


  • To be at least eight years old and live with a disability;
  • Inability to travel between cities without help;
  • Inability to orient yourself in terms of time and space for the whole trip;
  • Inability to communicate with either words or gestures;
  • Inability to guarantee your personal safety;
  • Inability to control behaviour that could prejudice your own wellbeing or that of the other passengers.


To learn how to make a demand or get more information, please contact the APAQ at 418-522-7131, extension 26 or simply click

Access 2 Entertainment Card

The Access 2 EntertainmentTM card provides persons with a disability to receive either free admission or a significant discount for their support person at member movie theatres across Canada. This program was developed by an advisory group of nine national disability organizations, in conjunction with Famous Players and Cineplex Galaxy. (excerpt from the website)

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