Summer Respite Service

Summer Respite Services 2024

Please note that places are reserved in priority for families who were at camp last summer. New families will automatically be placed on a waiting list.


(including non-guaranteed places)

For participants who attended the summer respite in 2023, a form will be sent to families by mail at the end of January. This form must be returned by mail to the Autisme Montréal offices, at 4450 rue Saint-Hubert, local 320, Montréal (QC) H2J 2W9, before February 25, 2024.

IMPORTANT: If you do not submit your form before the deadline, you will automatically lose your registration priority.



Information and pre-registration day (MANDATORY)

No prior registration is required for parents to attend this meeting and no registration by telephone or mail will be accepted. It is mandatory to attend the information day in person to register your child.

When: March 23, 2024, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Where: Centre de services communautaires du Monastère – 4449, Berri Street (Room 432, 4th floor)

Metro station: Mont-Royal

Parking:  Available in the neighboring streets.

Duration: The presentation and pre-registration should take about 2 ½ hours and will be made in French only. Support will be offered to Anglophone families. Documentation will be available in French and English.

Important: Please note that there will be no daycare service on site during registration day, so it would be preferable if your child is not present.

N.B.: You have no fees to pay on registration day.

Camp Eligibility Criteria:

  • Registration is reserved for participants aged between 5 and 24;
  • Registration will be exclusive to people with ASD;
  • Participants must remain with their natural family;
  • Registration is reserved for residents of the island of Montreal;
  • From the age of 21, registration will only be available for people who do not have access to a socio-professional activity 4 to 5 times a week.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • NAME AND TELEPHONE NUMBER – CRDI (rehabilitation center) – Responsible worker.
  • NAME AND TELEPHONE NUMBER – Daycare / School / Workplace – Resource person.
  • Social insurance number of the parent responsible for registration.

For logistical reasons, you must tell us if your child takes part in another camp during the summer and when.



Note that you must be a member in good standing of Autisme Montréal at a cost of $ 30 per year. In addition, members participating at the summer respite services, must have a balance of $ 0 in their account when the entire camp is paid in May. No exception. 

Ratio: Shadow/child ratio is 1 to 1 or 1 to 2, according to the needs of the child.

Bergamot (Participants aged 5 to 14)

  • 1st stay: June 24  to July 5  (2 weeks)
  • 2nd stay: July 8 to July 19 (2 weeks)
  • 3rd stay:  July 22 to August 2 (2 weeks)
  • 4th stay:  August 5 to August16 (2 weeks)

Rock-Camp-Bol (Participants aged 14 to 24) and Wasabi (People with severe behavioral problems and/or special needs.)

  • 1st stay : June 24  to July 5  (2 weeks)
  • 2nd stay : July 8 to July 19 (2 weeks)
  • 3rd stay :  July 22 to August 2 (2 weeks)
  • 4th stay :  August 5 to August 16 (2 weeks)

Fees: 290.00 $ / a week (The camp fees must be paid at the meeting with the coordinator of the group in May).

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Daycare service: This service is not guaranteed for summer 2024.

Transport: The camp offers no transportation services. All transportation must be taken care of or organized by the families (adapted transport). The family must provide an OPUS card including 2 fares per day.

Link for the Companion Leisure Card (CAL):


Unfortunately, Autisme Montréal does not have the capacity to welcome all the new children who would like to attend the camp. It is therefore important that you consider the possibility of registering your child at other camps as well. You can find a list of camp who accept children with ASD by cliking on the document below. 

 pdfCamp Repertory 2022


History and Philosophy of the Respite Service

Since 1988, Camp Bergamote (formerly known as Camp Beding Bedang) has offered respite services in the form of a summer day camp, for families of participant with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) with or without intellectual disability. Since its beginning, the service has undergone many changes.  In 1997, because the needs of teenagers and adults were different from those of the participantren, we created the Rock-Camp-Bol day camp. Previously run on a contractual basis, it has been under the management of Autisme et troubles envahissants du développement Montréal (Autisme Montréal) since 2000.  That same year, Bergamote (3 to 15) and Rock-Camp-Bol (14 to 24) were merged, and we now talk about sections rather than camps.

In 2004, we restructured the two sections and opened a new group within Rock-Camp-Bol. Since then, the Bergamote section welcomes participants aged 3 to 14 and comprises 5 groups: early intervention, specialised 5-8, specialised 8-11, specialised 11-15 and socialisation. The Rock-Camp-Bol section welcomes teenagers and adults aged 14 to 24 and comprises 3 groups: 2 specialised and 1 socialisation.

The Wasabi section was created in 2007 to answer the specific needs of a clientele with severe behaviour problems.

Also in 2007, the term “summer day camp” was replaced by “summer respite service”.

This summer respite service is made possible through the financial support of the Montreal Regional Health and Social Services

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