How to Become an Active Member of Autisme Montréal

Would you like to get to know Autisme Montréal better? You have some free time and would like to get involved? Are you looking for a way to support us? Here are a few suggestions.

•Autisme Montréal often participates in external events (presentations, information booths, etc.) to inform people about its mission and services.If you are a parent who received services from Autisme Montréal and would like to occasionnaly accompany our employees to such events,kindly let us know.

•For the Annual Walk for Autism in April, we require a team of volunteers to help us with various tasks:  security, distribution of snacks, etc.

•We occasionally need volunteers to do administrative tasks:  stamp envelopes, prepare the mailing of our newsletters, prepare information kits, etc.

•Throughout the year, we collect Canadian Tire money to lower the cost of the materials we use in our respite services. You can ask your friends, families and colleagues to donate their Canadian tire money to Autisme Montréal!

•You would like to share your experiences and achievements with other members? Just send us a short text (one page maximum) that we can publish in one of our newsletters.

•Autisme Montréal wishes to increase its visibility, especially for its collective human rights advocacy actions. Help us promote our cause by speaking to your member to your journalists or by sharing your contact media with us.

•We distribute each year, Christmas baskets to several families in need who are members of Autisme Montréal. Help us help them by contributing to our annual non-perishable food drive(food, cash, gift cards, etc.). You can ask your friends, families and colleagues to donate items for our food drive.

There are many ways to contribute to Autisme Montréal’s community life depending on your availability, abilities and interests. If you are thinking about another ways to do so, your ideas are welcome and we thank you for sharing them with us!

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