STM’s Paratransit is a door to door transportation service for persons with disabilities that operates on a reservations basis.  The service is offered in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil as well as the North and South shore. Most families with children or adults living with PDD use this services for their leisure and respite services.

Who is eligible for Paratransit?

Any person who meets the following criteria:

  • Being a disabled person, which means having a significant and chronic handicap that limits your ability to carry out normal activities;
  • Having such limitations with regards to mobility, that would warrant the use of Paratransit service;
  • Children living with PDD aged 6 and over are eligible for Paratransit and will have to travel by himself/herself.


You can get the form at or by calling (514) 280-8211. A section of the form will have to be filled out by a professional at your CRDI or CLSC.

If you have problems getting this service or would like to make a complaint, please  contact the Regroupement des usagers du transport adapté (RUTA) at (514) 255-0765.

Information regarding the OPUS Card


Transport-Hébergement is a subsidy available to families who must send the child or adult living with PDD to Montreal to get medical or therapeutic services to pay for transportation. The budget is limited and subsidies are granted on demand while funds last.


  • Only people who do not have access to Paratransit are eligible (PDD clientele under the age of six or specific cases);
  • The demand has to be made by a CLSC social worker for someone who has an intervention plan with specific readaptation objectives;
  • The people in charge of the program take in account the family’s situation as a whole to assess the child’s eligibility.


Please contact the person in charge of the program in your area:

Eastern Montreal :  Caroline Pilon 514 387-1234 extension 298
Western Montreal : Yamina Ouared 514 363-3025 extension 2259

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