How To Get A Diagnosis

How To Get A Diagnosis

In the Montreal area, four hospital have been officially mandated to make pervasive developmental disorders diagnoses. Their waiting lists vary but generally go from six months to a year.  In the diagnostic process, the child will be assessed by a team of specialists and will undergo a few general tests (such as audiology).  A diagnosis can only be deemed official when made by a psychiatrist.

Autism and PDD are not mental health problems but in Quebec, only a psychiatrist may diagnose them. Since 2009, psychologists can make an evaluation that will give access to public services . However, at the moment there are no public structure in place to get this type of evaluation from a psychologist.

No other therapist or specialist (speech therapist, social worker, occupational therapist, etc.) may diagnose the condition.  They may however assess the child’s developmental profile.

If you suspect your child could present with autism or PDD, or would like to get more information on how to get a diagnosis, please contact us at (514) 524-6114.

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