Here is a little text that presents the most known treatments that help most people with autism.  All people with autism are different and respond differently to treatments.

What can we do as parents?

1. The gluten-free, casein-free diet, without soy and refined sugars

You have to eliminate aggressors in an already weak body and since we know our children’s intestinal system is already compromised (constipation, diarrhoea, non-digested food in bowel movements, bloating, gas, etc.), you have to start the gluten-free (wheat), casein-free (protein from animal milk) and now soy-free and refined sugar-free diet. Our children don’t have the enzymes necessary to digest those substances. The non-digestion of these foods provokes chemical reactions that influence “endorphins” (our body’s natural opium), that act on our children’s behaviour by exciting them or stoning them. They are drugged.

The Tests

Most parents would like to have proof through a test that would show that their child is intolerant to those foods. Unfortunately, the existing allergy tests are not always conclusive because allergies can start at any moment: even if you are not allergic to eggs at 20, you could become allergic at 25. Allergies provoke observable physical reactions.

Intolerances bring on other behavioural reactions in our children. You have to eliminate those foods from the diet and observe. We are not talking about a cure here but rather an elimination of the aggressors, elimination which allows the child to be less intoxicated, more present and better set for learning.

How do you do it? Many documents are available at the office and on the Internet.

Too costly? Too difficult?

Nutritionists interested in DAN! and our children realized that the absorption and digestion of all these flours was very difficult. Gluten-free bread, muffins, etc. are costly and also very sweet. But are they necessary? Our eating habits are influenced by what’s offered at the grocery store and we then convince ourselves that it is good for our health.

Finally, we have to be strategic and develop a new way of eating closer to the basics: meat, vegetables, fruits, legumes, less flour. You can find reasonably priced gluten-free cereals at the grocery store.

These food changes are important and are done through a transition plan that allows us to explore new ways of eating while discovering new grocery stores. You can’t do it in a day or without any effort of course. Thousands of parents however will tell you that it is worth the effort and that it really helps the children.

The gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free and refined sugar-free diet has become a staple of the DAN! doctors through the years. The child has to follow the diet for three months before the first consultation and is a PREREQUISITE to any other treatment. Trying to give vitamins or any other treatment while there is intestinal inflammation or disorganization is pointless.

2. Clean the Gut

The diet is a prerequisite, but so is the cleaning of the gut. All the doctors and researchers of the DAN! see the disorganization of our children’s intestinal flora. Most of them will tell you they still can’t find a reliable test to find Candida Albicans, but they know it’s there and treat it. Candida feeds on sugar, wheat, acidity, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals, often resulting in the food obsession we have seen in our children. It thus alters the working of many organs. Once again, there is no scientific proof but for many decades doctors and naturopaths have been interested in Candida and obtained good results by balancing the body’s functions. The diet remains important because it starves the parasite we want to eliminate, most of our doctors don’t know very much about Candida and there are no reliable tests to find it. Many parents consult with naturopaths and other alternative medical practitioners who know about the parasite and its treatments.

3. Vitamins and other medication

During the conference, doctors get together for an hour-long presentation to talk about the treatments used with the children. It’s an hour-long summary representing many years of work. It does not mean that all the children need all those vitamins or products at the same time. Each child is unique and thus needs its unique course of treatment.

Adding all those vitamins in an intoxicated body is lost effort. That is why I must insist on the diet that can only help improve a person’s health and keep the gut functional, which in turn can insure a better absorption of the vitamins present in the fruits and vegetables the children eat. You must be careful.

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