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COVID-19 situation – Documentation Center

Due to the still ongoing pandemic and teleworking operation, the Documentation Center is CLOSED until further notice.

Documentation Center

Autisme Montréal has been collecting documents on autism and spectrum disorders for more than 20 years to help parents and professional get access to the latest research and the best treatments available. You can borrow these documents by visiting our office or contacting our documentation agent.

Document Centre Loan Policy


1. Autisme et troubles envahissant du développement Montréal (Autisme Montréal)’s documentation centre loans documents for free for any Quebec resident, whether or not they are a member of the organisation.

* The documentation centre has an extensive and current book collection on autism and PDD as well as a video collection. Many articles on the subject are also available.

You can only borrow documents in person. To ensure service quality, we recommend you make an appointment with the documentation agent.


  • A maximum of 4 items combined (books, DVDs and videocassettes) can  be borrowed at the same time;
  • tems are on loan for a month;
  • Late fees of $0.25 per loaned item per day will be charged;
  • Texts are also available ($0.10 per page).

Fees for non-members

  • A fee of $1 is required for each item per week;
  • A deposit of $20 is required for 1 or 2 items;
  • A deposit of $40 is required for 3 or 4 items;


It is possible to reserve by phone or in person.

Once a document is available, the user has 5 business days to come borrow, after which time he will loose priority.

Document Return

Each document borrowed must be returned to Autisme Montréal in person;

If the user cannot come to the office within the time limit, an arrangement must be made by contacting the documentation agent.

Lost or Damaged Material

When material is damaged when brought back, Autisme Montréal will keep the deposit (or part of it) to cover the cost of repairs;

Should the material be lost, Autisme Montréal will assess the cost of replacement.

Note: Due to the nature of our clientele, we are aware that the damage risk of our material is higher than usual. Parents should be comfortable when returning this material and informing our documentation agent of the observed damage.

Autisme Montréal would rather get its material back and repair it than have one less document or game available for its users.

Other Services

Video or DVD watching at the office

To maximise its services, Autisme Montréal gives its users the opportunity to watch the documentation centre’s videos at the office.


You can come to our office and use BoardMaker, a program to produce sheets of pictograms.  We charge 0,10$ per black and white printed sheet and 1,00$ for a color sheet. You may also laminate the sheetss for 0,65$ per sheet.

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