Do you want to support the cause of autism?

Your donations today lead to the services of tomorrow: your support helps Autisme Montréal maintain and develop services adapted to the various needs of people with autism and their families in the Montreal area.

The organization seeks to improve the living conditions of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as well as those of all their family members. Autisme Montréal is called upon to intervene both at the social level and with people directly affected by autism. Through its many actions, it strives, in particular, to make the entire population aware of the various issues related to ASD and to the diversity of these individuals, to contribute to research and the development of skills in this field, and then to support actions undertaken to ensure the defense of individual and collective rights.

You have three ways to support Autisme Montréal by donating:

1- Online donation: Click here to access it!

2- By completing the following form: pdf PDF Form

3- Via PayPal Giving Funds: Click here to access it! 

A tax receipt is available for any donation of $20.00 or more upon request.

For any questions or additional information, you can contact us at 514 524-6114, ext. 0 or by email at

On behalf of the families, the Autisme Montréal team says Thank you!

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