Board of Directors

The members of Autisme Montreal’s board are themselves parents of children with autism or people that work with individuals with autism. They are all volunteers.

Information about the next board meetings is available upon request.

Board of directors 2018-2018

Carmen Lahaie -President – Board Member since: 2011

Mrs. Lahaie is the mother of five children, who are now all adults, including one with ASD.  She has been an active member of Autisme Montréal since the ‘80s and has chosen to devote her life to the autism cause. In 1999, she received the Serena Merck Memorial Award as well as Centraide’s Antoinette-Robidoux award, for her dedication to the autism cause. In 2006, the Services de réadaptation L’Intégrale paid tribute to her for her significant contribution to the social integration of people with ASD or intellectual delay. She was President of the CRADI (Comité régional des associations pour la déficience intellectuelle), Vice-President of the FQA (Fédération québécoise de l’autisme) and founder of the Centre d’assistance et d’accompagnement aux plaintes.

Sylvie Mouna – Vice President – Board Member since: 2012

Mrs. Mouna is the mother of two children, including one with ASD. She comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where she was working as a relief worker. She arrived in Quebec in 1996 as a refugee. Since 1999, she has been working in the community setting as an advocate for immigrant families. She is the recipient of the Projet Hommage aux Femmes, 2016 edition, supported by the City of Montreal, for her commitment to the autism cause with immigrant families.

Marie-Claire Gascon – Secretary-Treasurer – Board Member since: 2008 

Mrs. Gascon is the mother of an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome. She has retired in May 2015, after 31 years as an Administrative Assistant at the Fleury Hospital. She was confronted with many obstacles in her search for services to finally realize that they were non-existent for autistic adults. Then, she found out about Autisme Montréal and joined the organization to advocate and become more involved as Board Member.

Carol-Ann Hunter McLean – Administrator – Board Member since: 2017

Education: B.A. in Art Education. Mrs. McLean is an autistic adult, musician and visual artist, who lives independently and works as a documentation technician at Architecture Lemay. She had to struggle against various difficulties and the lack of available support services when she was still at school, but Autisme Montréal’s team helped her to find her right place. She has also found a great source of validation after she met numerous other autistic individuals and she decided to join the Board of Directors of Autisme Montréal to help improve the life of her friends and that of generations to come.

Marjorie Aimé-  Administrator – Board Member since: 2018

Education:  AVS Legal. Mrs. Aimé is the mother of three children and two of them have an ASD. Because of this, she has undertaken significant research to find possible solutions which could contribute to their fulfillment, the development of their autonomy, as well as their overall well-being. This process has contributed to the development of an Internet platform, which is intended to reach Francophones from around the world and offer numerous possible solutions to families with autistic children, so as to help them find some balance in everyday life.  During this process, she contacted Autisme Montréal, which offered significant support to her family.

Margaret O’Byrn – Administrator – Board Member since: 2018

Education: PhD in Psychology. Dr. Margaret O’Byrne was Professional Chief of Psychology at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute.  Since she retired, in 2016, she maintains a private practice. She is a member of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society. She was the Executive director of a community-based organization in the field of mental health. In her private practice, her focus has been on youth, borderline mental disability and autism spectrum disorders. 

Geneviève Perras- Administrator – Board Member since: 2018

Education: Special Education Program.

Mrs. Perras started her career with autistic individuals when she worked for Autisme Montréal’s respite services while still at school, in 2001. She first started working for La Maisonnette respite services, and then in the various direct services, which has allowed her to develop her knowledge and a great interest for the clientele. When she finished school, she started to work for Autisme Montréal full time, as a shadow for the Family Support section and then from 2008 à 2013, she was Responsable of Direct Services. Since January 2013, Mrs. Perras is the owner of an intermediate resource for adults with ASD and intellectual delay. She has often observed that autistic individuals and their families really need support to defend their rights and their requests to obtain services. This is why she wishes to pursue her commitment with the Board of Directors.


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