Activities for people with ASD without Intellectual Delay

Activities for people with ASD without Intellectual Delay 

In addition to offering phone support to adults and adolescents with ASD without intellectual delay and assisting them in certain procedures when necessary, Autisme Montréal also organizes several activities for the purpose of providing socialization opportunities. Each activity is hosted by Autisme Montréal employees. 

Activities are offered to people with ASD without intellectual delay who are members of Autisme Montréalprior meeting with one of the workers is required to participate in the activities.

Note that it is mandatory to confirm your registration for each activity.

Outings for teenagers 12 to 16 years old

Social and/or cultural outings 

Frequency:  One Saturday afternoon per month. 

This activity now takes place once a month. It allows young people to come together to socialize around fun and educational activities while developing their autonomy. In addition, young people now have the opportunity to discover new interests and skills such as music, dance or theatre through initiation workshops.

Activities for adults with ASD without intellectual delay (16 years old and older)

Support group

This activity, which is held every two months on Friday evenings provides an oppotunity for adults to discuss in a casual atmosphere around a light buffet. 

Saturday outings 

Outings to the museum, picnics in the parks, visits to factories or neighborhoods. A few examples of the type of activities we offer. The outings take place once a month and aim to break the isolation of adults in our community.

Board game afternoons

This activity takes place once a month on Saturdays in a downtown café. Boardgames are provided, however participants are welcome to bring their own if they wish. This activity provides an opportunity to exercise your creativity while socializing.

Creative Thursday

Artistic workshops where participants have the opportunity to work on a new project once a month, using different material and techniques. This activity is a great opportunity to exercise your creativity while socializing!

“Let’s talk ASD”

Thematic workshops held 3 times a year in which different topics related to ASD are discussed tand pratical tools for everyday use are provided.

Cooking workshops

The cooking workshops are held 3 times a year and consist of preparing two healthy and simple meals in a group format. iThe objective of this activity is to develop the participant’s autonomy in a friendly atmosphere.

Collaborative newspaper

This is a year-round project in which individuals are given the opportunity to write a journal article/commentary on various topics related to ASD, to share their views, or provide suggestions and strategies in dealing with everyday life situations.Participation is done on individual basis by email.

For more information regarding these activities, please contact:

Mona-Lisa Didier 
Community Worker
514-524-6114, ext. 3141

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