About us



« Autisme Montréal is a non-profit organisation that strives to improve the lives of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as well as those of their family members.»

Our vision

A different outlook, aspiring for progress. A shared intention, the power to change everything.

Our Values

Openness: First value of Autisme Montréal, openness is at the heart of our mission. It evokes welcome, tolerance, acceptance of difference and invites one to question their beliefs and prejudices, to discover and recognize the true value in others.


Mutual support: Much more than a kind gesture, mutual support inspires solidarity, complicity and reciprocity. It refers to a shared intention to help, to do good while working closely to attain a common goal. It can take the shape of a common project or a verbal exchange where everyone feels listened to. A simple helping hand may enable to accomplish a major achievement. However, it also demonstrates consideration of others, the trust provided to them, and our will to unite our efforts for the well-being of all.

Courage : Courage is a value that gave birth to Autisme Montréal. Always present at the heart of Autisme Montréal, we owe its existence, its services, its determination in advocating for collective and individual rights of its members to courage. Courage is what permits one to undertake a difficult task, to surpass fears, to seek a better road regardless of risks, hardship, failure, and even contempt and rejection. Courage is what enables to go beyond appearances, to claim convictions, to give ourselves the power to act, to take charge of our destiny, and to be ourselves amongst others.

Perseverance : If courage leads to hope, it is because perseverance enables the realization of our aspirations. Made of patience, determination, and challenge, perseverance is what helps us go further, to take a step closer to our objective, to defy what may appear insurmountable, and to transform our intentions into realizations. Demonstrating perseverance means tolerating ambiguity, accepting to make errors, learning from them, and nonetheless being ready to begin all over.

Professionalism : Being professional, is choosing rigor, excellence, principles rather than ease, complacency, or excuses. It means accepting to invest all your personal resources to do good and to be of service to others. Being professional is taking the responsibility of the task at hand confided to us and ensuring ourselves of the quality of our contribution. It is choosing to evolve, to deploy all ones potential, to surpass oneself in order to offer to others the best of ourselves.


Autisme Montréal : a place that inspires and unites, carries hope, promotes growth and social solidarity.


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