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Speech-Language Pathologist, Consultant for Autism and Related Learning Challenges

Friday October 12TH 2018 / 9:00 AM TO 4:30 PM

Discovering the Possibilities with Visual Strategies for Autism

Meeting the Communication, Behavior & Social Skill Challenges in Autism

Many individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are visual learners! This observation has tremendous implications. Capitalizing on their strengths, the use of visual strategies alters many behavioral, social, communication, and educational challenges.

The principle of visually supported communication is simple; the impact on the ability of individuals with ASD is profound. While many people use a few visual tools in their homes and education environments, few use visual communication supports nearly as much as these individuals need. While it is common for educational programming to focus on the development of communication skills, the focus tends to be directed toward developing the individual’s expressive communication skills. Comparatively, little attention is directed toward increasing the ability to understand the communication in his/her life.

For individuals with ASD, their struggle with communication is far more complicated than just the development of verbal language. Understanding the communication of others, trying to figure out what is happening or not happening, handling changes and transitions, and interpreting cues and signals in the environment can all be areas of difficulty that result in frustration and behavior that is seen as disruptive. The use of visual strategies is effective across all skill levels, from early childhood through adulthood, and work for verbal and nonverbal individuals.

The conference will present numerous systems and strategies that can significantly improve communication, social interaction, behavior and participation in life opportunities. This program will define the need, discuss training, and demonstrate many practical ideas for a range of ages and skill levels at home, in school and out in the community.

Participant Objectives:

  • Identify significant factors in learning and functioning style that affect communication.
  • Informally assess an individual’s communication strengths and challenges.
  •  Recognize situations where communication breakdowns can affect understanding, behavior and participation in social opportunities.
  • Use the Guide for Assessing Behavior Situations to identify causes of behavior problems.
  • Develop visual tools to support communication, behavior & social skills
  • Identify uses for a range of low tech to high tech tools such as iPads, Apps and video for meeting communication & learning needs.


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Friday Octobre 12TH  2018 //  9: 00 am to 4: 30 pm 

Parents,individuals with autism spectrum disorder, students $ 30 

Professionals $ 70 

Communauté Hellénique du Grand Montréal at  5757 Wilderton, Montréal, Qc, H3S 2K8



Speech-Language Pathologist, Consultant for Autism and Related Learning Challenges

Linda Hodgdon, M.Ed., CCC-SLP is a Speech-Language Pathologist who is internationally known as a pioneer in developing the use of visual strategies to support communication for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related learning needs. Her training programs are packed with best-practices and effective ideas for using a range of low tech to high tech visual tools, including video and tablets like iPads and Apps, to meet the communication, behavior and social needs of these students. A powerful and entertaining presenter, Linda shares practical information that inspires program participants to accomplish new goals with students immediately.

Linda is the author of Visual Strategies for Improving Communication and Solving Behavior Problems in Autism. Considered essential resources for professionals and parents, these are two of the most recommended books in the field. She provides support for Speech-Language Pathologists, educators and parents of students with special learning needs with her online blog and video training materials.
Linda Hodgdon is the owner of lots of technology which makes her a very popular babysitting grandmother.

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