Shadowing and babysitting

Shadowing and babysitting 

Please note that the Babysitting-shadowing service will be suspended for an undetermined period of time for all new requests. However, requests that have already been made will be maintained. For your information, Marie-Claude Barbier is returning to her position progressively on a part-time basis. We intend to restart the service as soon as will be possible.

Furthermore, we would like to remind you that the shadowing and babysitting services are not guaranteed, as unfortunately, we may not find any caregiver capable of meeting your request.

Autisme Montréal offers shadowing and babysitting services in order to give respite to parents while allowing children with ASD to develop their skills, go on outings, have fun, and make friends. To be eligible for this service, you must live in the Greater Montreal area and be a member of Autisme Montréal ($30/year).


Autisme Montréal recruits shadows/babysitters to refer them to families who are in need of one.

Several types of requests can be addressed to us, depending on your needs:  babysitting stimulation, socialization, integration in a regular setting (help with homework), ABA, etc. However, the shadows referred must stay within their field of competence and offer you a support directly related to your child.

Who are our shadows

Our shadows have been selected with care after a rigorous interview process and a verification of their judicial record at the court-house. They all show a particular interest for this type of clientele and many of them have relevant experience and/or studies.

Each of our shadows can take part in workshops offered by Autisme Montréal to further increase their knowledge.

Parents have the right to inquire about the the resume of the shadow we are referring (upon request to the person responsible of the shadowing-babysitting service).

Note : Our shadows are not graduated professionals and do not necessarily know all the different approaches used with regards to autism.

How to make a shadows/babysitting request?

Parents must contact our family support worker – shadowing and babysitting service, Marie-Claude Barbier, at 514-524-6114, extension 3162.

You will have to specify your needs in the request (specific days, requested hours, type of desired services). The parents will have to give some information about their child and the family when they make a request.

We will then send you, either by mail or email, a document entitled “Child’s profile” that must be completed and returned to us as soon as possible so that we can finalize your registration and give the shadow relevant information regarding your child.

We strongly suggest you make a request at least two weeks or more in advance to help us find someone that fits your needs.

Also, we ask parents to notify us if they wish to cancel their request, either because they found someone else or the request is not necessary anymore.

Please note that Autisme Montréal is solely an intermediary between parents and shadows. We contact the shadows to verify their availability and they, in turn, phone the families. We invite families contact Autisme Montréal afte completion of the the first contract to give us their feedback and comments.

Fees associated to babysitting-shadowing services

The fees associated to the babysitting-shadowing service is assumed by parents requesting the service.

  • the hourly rate ranges between 18$ and 21$ per hour
  • a minimum of three consecutive hours of babysitting-shadowing is mandatory (if you need the shadow for less than 3 hours of service, the equivalent of 3 hours must still be paid) .
  • any expenses, whether for the shadow and/or your child, that are related to outings must also be paid by parents


Should a parent be unsatisfied with the service provided, a complaint can be made to the person responsible of the shadowing/babysitting service. The parents must also notify us if the shadow-child isn’t working out.

Transportation and outings

The « Carte d’accompagnement loisir» (CAL)

The « Carte d’accompagnement loisir» (CAL) enables free entry to a shadow/babysitter accompanying a person with a disability into various leisure, cultural and tourist locations. Individuals with a significant and permanent disability aged 5 years old or more are eligible to apply for this card. To complete the application form and to learn about the various sites that accept this card, go to .

STM Travel Companion card
To make your time on the bus and/or the metro easier with your child living with ASD, as well as reduce your transportation costs, you could get the STM Personal Aide Transit Pass for free.

The STM Personal Aide Transit Pass gives free access to the person who accompanies your child in the transit system.

The card is for any person with a disability over six years old whose functional limitations justify the need to be accompanied while using the regular public transit system, whether he experiences difficulties such as:

  • disorientation in time
  • disorientation in place
  • related to personal safety.

To obtain the application form go to Your application will also have to be completed by a professional in the health care or school system with access to the applicant’s medical file. If you need help, please contact Paratransit customer service at 514 280-8211, option 4.

Note: Please note that customers of the Paratransit service (transport adapté) do not have to fill out this application, their ttransport Adapté card being accepted as a Companion card on the regular network. The reverse is however not true.

If you experience difficulty obtaining the Travel Companioon card or for further information, please contact:

L’Office des personnes handicapées du Québec:  1 800-567-1465

Le Regroupement des usagers du transport adapté:  514-255-0765

La Société de transport de Montréal:  514-786-4636

Responsabilities of parents using the shadowing/babysitting service

  • Call as soon as possible to make a request, preferably between 15 days and one month in advance.
  • Inform Autisme Montréal about any changes in your contact information and make sure that your child’s file is up-to-date.
  • Contact us should you wish to cancel your shadowing request, either because you have already found someone or do not need this service anymore.
  • Contact Autisme Montréal if you experience any difficulties with the shadow.
  • Pay the shadow according to the pre-agreement amount and the terms indicated the person in charge of the shadowing/babysitting service ( minimum salary and three consecutive hours).
  • As much as possible, please do not cancel your request less than 24 hours in advance (except in case of an emergency) and to do so, please contact the shadow directly or call Autisme Montréal.

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