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To raise awareness amongst provincial elected representatives and various media with regards to the lack of services and expertise, waiting lists and the constant increase in the number of autism cases, Autisme Montréal continues to send photo testimonials to the government. So, follow our example! Take a selfie and send us your picture and message.


Share your photo testimonial on social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and invite your friends, family, etc. to do the same. We want to create a viral phenomenon!



We need you to sign the following petition to save the homes of people with autism, housing individuals who are amongst the most vulnerable. Please share this request with all your contacts as well. We are seeking your help for this matter, because the risks involved are very serious and even dangerous for these individuals.  The petition ends on March 3rd which gives us little time to collect names. We thank you greatly in advance.

United we are stronger!

Please note, once you receive an automatic reply from the National Assembly in your email box, it is essential to confirm your registration to this petition by clicking on the link provided. Otherwise, your registration will not be accepted. The petition is written in French, for an English translation please contact Autisme Montréal at 514 524-6114, ext 3058.



Several collective advocacy activities and actions emerged from the forum organized by the Mouvement PHAS (Mouvement des personnes handicapées pour l’accès aux services) last November on accessibility to health and social services. The most inclusive proposition was to organize a collective complaints campaign throughout Quebec to express the dissatisfaction towards access to health and social services for people with disabilities and their close ones.

The goal is to collectivize the situations experienced individually by the users so that global solutions may be found. With the help of the Act respecting health services and social services and the recourses provided by such law, we wish to draw attention on the lack of access to services and put pressure on political officials so that solutions may be found.

The result we wish to obtain is to alert political managers and officials and encourage them to act.

The approach consists in notifying the local service complaints commissioners of various institutions who then have the duty to act.

Since the local commissioners do not have all the powers to solve the problems raised, we also wish to notify the relevant ministers, the Québec Ombudsman, the agencies, the regional commissioners, the OPHQ and any other actor working to improve access to services.

We invite you to complete the letter inserted in this newsletter by briefly explaining the reasons for your dissatisfaction and the desired solution and to send it to various decision-makers.

Contact information of individuals or organizations in cc:

Mouvement PHAS:; telecopier: 514-254-7983

Québec Ombudsman:; telecopier: 1-866-902-7130

OPHQ:; telecopier: 1-819-475-8753

Minister of Health and Social Services:

Minister for Rehabilitation:

To find your regional complaints commissioner, please visit the following site:

To find your health and social services agency, please visit the following site:

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